my perfect wedding [between whispertoariot and fuckyeahfoogifs]
  1. in a garage
  2. marianne is ringbearer
  3. cade is best man
  4. taylor hawkins is to lay facedown at the altar
  5. chris shiflett pointing in our general direction
  6. dave grohl officiating and then serenading us with our favorite tunez just like on MTV
  7. jim will be in attendance

dunno if we’ll have a big thing or a small thing or even elope

but if i have bridesmaids i will ask my followers of course


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    Can Nate walk me down the isle when we arrive with Lemmy in the White Limo?
  6. babegarden said: oh god can i come i’ll buy you guys a blender as a wedding gift! or one of those winnie the pooh toasters that plays the tigger song when the toast is done..
  7. scarlettheroin said: Dave can totally officiate, as long as it’s in New York, I think.
  8. himynameiscade said: What’s this? No shine to Jerry Cantrell’s penis?